Clitoral Stimulation "Dont's"

Unfortunately, these common mistakes happen all the time and can be a real turn off for women. Make sure they don’t happen to you.

Don’t go for the clitoris right away

No matter how great you are at stimulating her clitoris, she won’t appreciate it if you head there right away. Women need a little bit of warm-up time to get the blood flowing and get in the mood.

Pay a little attention to her other erogenous zones. Try starting with a sensual massage and gradually work your way to her hot spots.

Don’t play rough

The clitoris has over eight thousand nerve fibers. That’s a lot of sensitivity right there.

If even the lightest touch can shower her with sensations, imagine how painful a rough, careless touch can be. Keep it light until she asks for more stimulation.

Don’t touch without lubrication

Imagine rubbing your face with sandpaper. That’s how touching an un-lubricated clitoris can feel like for some women. Gently apply her own natural lubrication or a water-based lube to the area before stimulation.

Don’t stop for a break

The majority of women have an “orgasm meter” that slowly builds up to the big O. If you’re stimulating her and she’s loving it, don’t stop! Otherwise the meter will reset itself and you’ll have to start all over.

Don’t blow on the clitoris

We’ve already mentioned how important lubrication is for the clitoris. Blowing on it will only dry up the lubrication and cause discomfort.

Don’t forget to communicate

Many people are uncomfortable talking about things they like during sex. However, since everyone is different, it is extremely important to find out what she likes. Don’t be afraid to ask (or tell) if it feels good.

It’s also important to have a good sense of humor when discussing these things. It will make her feel much more comfortable about opening up to you.

Don’t be afraid of vibrators

Don’t worry guys. A vibrator is not a penis replacement. In fact, the majority of women prefer to use a vibrator only on the outside of their vagina

Vibrators are made specifically to produce quick and powerful orgasms. They can also be used during intercourse for that little extra boost.

Don’t overuse vibrators

Although vibrators are great fun, overuse can lead to a temporary desensitization of the clitoris. This means a woman might not be able to orgasm unless a vibrator is used. Obviously this isn’t the healthiest way to go. Be sure to mix things up a little.

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