Female Masturbation Techniques

Masturbation is not only an important part of a healthy female’s sexuality, it’s also a great way for her to learn about what her body likes. In fact, women who have never masturbated will rarely have an orgasm during sex.

Although the overwhelming majority of women masturbate, very few are willing to discuss their preferences and techniques openly. This page will detail some common female masturbation techniques and tips for a great orgasm. Also watch for actual anonymous quotes from women about their masturbation practices.

Set the mood and relax

You have to be in the mood to have good sex, and sex with yourself is no different.

Make sure you're alone so you don't have to be worried about someone busting in on you. De-stress by taking a long, hot bath or listening to relaxing music. Put on some low lighting or light some candles.

Get warmed up

Let all your inhibitions go and get in a sensual mood. Lightly touch your breasts, stomach, inner thighs, and anywhere else that feels good. Use massage oil if you like.

Unlike men, who are stimulated by the visual and physical, women are stimulated by emotions and thoughts. Think about some of your favorite fantasies. If you can't easily do this, try reading some erotica to get started.

Stimulation with fingers

Using one or two fingers, gently stroke your outer labia. Experiment with different types of pressure and motion for a bit. Then, lubricate your fingers with saliva or water-based lube and focus on your clitoris.

Try running one finger up and down on either side of your clitoris, or rub your clitoris with two fingers in a circular motion. Vary your pressure, speed, and strokes to find the techniques you'll enjoy most.

Keep up a steady rhythm and you should have no problems building yourself up to a toe-curling orgasm. The feeling of an orgasm is unmistakable; you'll feel a surge of intense pleasure and your vagina will contract in a series of spasms. The clitoris tends to become very sensitive after orgasm.

Quotation Mark "I usually masturbate by gentle stroking of the clitoral region, not the clitoris directly, but on the skin above and around it; then I place the fingers around the clitoris and move them back and forth rhythmically and with a bit of pressure. Thus, to achieve orgasm, pressure is one factor, rhythmic movement another, and protection of the clitoris from direct stimulation is another. This last one is achieved by using the surrounding skin to stimulate the clitoris. My legs are apart. I don't move very much."*


The typical position for female masturbation is the woman lying down on her back with knees raised. This position puts the clitoris easily within reach and also allows for vaginal penetration.

Some women prefer to masturbate lying on their stomach. This position is great for grinding on a hand or pillow. More on that later.


Vibrators are specifically made to produce wonderful clitoral sensations. The orgasms they provide can be much more intense and faster than just using your fingers.

A word of warning though, don't overuse them or you may find that you can only orgasm with a vibrator. This desensitization is only temporary and can be cured by not using a vibrator for a while. But still, you don't want it to happen and it's best to mix things up anyway.

Quotation Mark "I use the curved plastic back, not the pad, of a small vibrator. I prefer this because I very seldom have long periods of time alone to use the manual methods, which I find to slow and not as interesting and more fatiguing. I use it pretty exclusively against my clitoris and vaginal lips. I like my legs together. That way, with my ankles crossed, I can use my legs to control the amount of contact with the vibrator. Sometimes I move a great deal, sometimes very little. The more aroused, the more movement." *

Take a look at the Vibrator Guide for a rundown of the absolute best vibrators available.


Vaginal penetration is a great addition to clitoral stimulation. It can add some different and intense sensations. If you're using your fingers it also keeps them nice and lubricated for touching the clitoris.

Many women enjoy using a vibrator on their clitoris while simultaneously using two fingers inside the vagina.

Bathtub and shower fun

Water can be a great masturbation aid. Use a shower head to send a steady stream of water right where you want it. Or try lying under the running bathtub faucet and letting the running water hit your clitoris.

Hot tub jets seem like they were made for clitoral stimulation! Start at a safe distance and slowly position yourself in front of them. Safety tip: Don't let the water blast directly into your vagina as it can possibly cause an infection.

Bump and grind

Another popular masturbation technique is to grind against something. This can be a pillow, stuffed animal, the arm of a sofa, a partners leg, or even your own hand.

You may have faster results with direct stimulation. However, as you can see below, some women prefer this method.

Quotation Mark "I cross my legs, thrust my pelvis against a soft object (a pillow is best) and fantasize. This is the tried and true way. I do enjoy touching myself, but it's just not as good as this. I really move very little; only when ready for orgasm do I get into any real action." *

* All quotes are courtesy of The Hite Report: A Nationwide Study of Female Sexuality By Shere Hite

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