Clitoral Stimulation During Intercourse

Guys if your gal finds it difficult to orgasm during intercourse you’re not alone. In fact surveys done for The Hite Report found that only 26% of women were able to reach orgasm through intercourse only.

Before you spend any time wishing that she was one of those 26%, you should know that it is entirely possible to give her consistent orgasms during intercourse. Below you will find some great sex positions and a few tricks for precisely this purpose.

Foreplay, foreplay, foreplay

If you spend enough time warming her up, she’ll be close to orgasm before you even start having sex. Give her plenty of oral clitoral stimulation and make sure you use your fingers on her for a while.

After a sufficient amount of foreplay, intercourse, coupled with clitoral stimulation, will quickly put her over the top.

Positions that allow for maximum clitoral stimulation

Some positions allow for easier clitoral stimulation than others. The following positions offer maximum access.

Rear entry
Virtually all rear entry or “doggy style” positions offer easy access to her clitoris for both of you. You control the pace, so slow it down if you’re approaching orgasm and she needs more clitoral stimulation.

Woman on top
From on top she can find the perfect spot to grind her clitoris on you. She can also lean backward and let you rub it with your thumb or fingers.

Reverse cowgirl
This is basically the same as woman on top, except she’s facing the other way. This changes the sensations but you both still have access to the clitoris.

The Coital Alignment Technique (CAT)

The CAT was designed specifically for clitoral stimulation and mutual orgasm. It’s a revised missionary position that uses a thrusting and rocking motion to stimulation the clitoris with every motion. Here are instructions on performing this technique.

1. Have her lie on her back and get between her legs like you are going to do the missionary position. However, your pelvis should be a bit higher than usual.

2. As you enter her, have her wrap her legs around your waist. They should be bent slightly and her ankles should rest on your calves.

3. Carefully lean forward and rest your full weight on her. Keep your pelvis high.

4. The shaft of your penis should be firmly pressed against her clitoris. No thrusting from you! Instead she thrusts upwards while you rock slightly backwards.

5. Gently rock back and forth in sync with each other until orgasm.

Vibrators and Sex Toys

A small vibrator will feel good for both of you, and almost guarantee an orgasm for her. Use it on her in any position that allows for clitoral access or sandwich one between you in the missionary position. There are also many vibrators that can be worn around the penis and used in any position. Be creative and have fun!

Take a look at the Vibrator Guide for a rundown of the absolute best vibrators available.

Sex Techniques

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