Oral Clitoral Stimulation Techniques

Oral sex is one of the best and most exciting ways to stimulate the clitoris. The tongue can be used with expert precision. It can be hard or soft on command, and saliva is a perfect natural lubrication.

But enough with the scientific reasons! Oral sex is incredibly exciting and sexy. It makes her feel loved and admired, and can give her some amazing orgasms.

Men who are great at oral sex are almost guaranteed to be remembered as fabulous lovers. If you want to make sure you're counted among them, just take a look at the following tips and techniques.

Make sure you're well groomed

How would you like to have sand paper rubbed between your legs? Well that's what a five-o-clock shadow feels like to her. Make sure your face is smooth and clean-shaven. A beard isn't as bad, but it might tickle.

Make sure she's relaxed

Some women think of their genitals as dirty or naughty and can be self-conscious about anyone kissing them. If this is an issue it can distract from her pleasure and also be a distraction for you as well.

Fortunately there are a few tricks to deal with this. Suggest that you take a hot bath or shower together. She'll be much more comfortable knowing that she's squeaky clean.

You can also slip a satin blindfold over her eyes. If she can't see you she won't be as nervous. Not being able to see will also force her to focus on the wonderful sensations you're giving her.

Keep in mind that if you turn her on enough with other forms of foreplay she'll be so hot and bothered that being self conscious will be the last thing on her mind. Which brings us to the next tip...

Don't race to the clitoris

Women love it when a man takes the time to appreciate her and her body. They also take a little more time than men to really get in the mood.

Let her know what's coming by starting at her lips and kissing your way down her body. Pay extra attention to her breasts, stomach, and thighs. Meanwhile you can use your hands to caress her softly.

If she's still wearing underwear, breath warm air softly on her genital area. Kiss or lick her through the underwear a few times before removing them. Remember that women really enjoy being teased.

After you've kissed her stomach and inner thighs, slowly work your way to her vagina. Start by licking the outer lips, then gently spread them and kiss the inner lips. Try to hold off from coming in contact with her clitoris for as long as you can.


By now she should be fully aroused and ready for the main event. Before you begin, remember that there's almost nothing you can do with your tongue that will feel bad. As long as you don't apply too much pressure directly to her clitoris she'll be enjoying herself the whole time. So relax!

Basic clitoral stimulation
Use your tongue to gently lick the sides of the clitoris, stimulating it through the clitoral hood. Get her fully turned on and then carefully retract the hood with your fingers. Place your tongue beneath the clitoris and slide it upward with soft, wet strokes. Maintain gentle, deliberate strokes, even when she’s begging for something harder and faster. If you do this correctly, she should have an earth-shattering orgasm in no time.

Deep tongue strokes

Leaving your tongue soft and jaw relaxed, lick her from her vaginal entrance up to her clitoris. This should be a slow, leisurely, ice cream cone lick. This is a great opener for your oral session.

Teasing licks
Spread her outer vaginal lips with your fingers. With your tongue pointed, gently flick it around her clitoris. This can be to intense for some women, so pay close attention to her reaction.

Start with slow, rhythmic deep tongue strokes to get her all worked up. Then when she can't take it any more, hit her with a series of quick, teasing licks. Return to slow strokes and repeat until she orgasms.

This method works well because the clitoris is extremely sensitive at first and the long tongue strokes start her blood flowing while offering the consistent stimulation she needs. The teasing licks add surprise, spike her sexual response, and keep her moving toward orgasm.

Suck on it
As she becomes more aroused, you can gently suck her clitoris into your mouth and flick your tongue over it. This can be done aggressively or lightly. She'll love the combination of the sucking pressure and tongue flicks. However, this can be intense so don't overdo it.

Use your fingers

Combining any of the above techniques with your fingers almost guarantees an orgasm.

Just having them inside her will do wonders, but if you really want to make her squirm, use a come-hither motion to stimulate her G-spot as you lick her clitoris.

Let her know you're enjoying it too

As we mentioned earlier, many women can be self conscious about oral sex. Make eye contact with her and give her a smile every now and then. Don't be afraid of letting loose with a few moans and groans of your own.

Nothing will make her happier than knowing that you enjoy pleasing her.

Keep giving it to her

When your woman gets close to orgasm, make sure you do everything she wants you to. It doesn't matter if your neck is tired or your arm is falling asleep, keep it up until she finishes. If you stop, she'll lose it and you'll have to start all over again from the beginning.

Post orgasm sensitivity

The clitoris is extremely sensitive after climax, so don't stimulate it as intensely as you were before she orgasmed. Feel free to keep licking, just do it gently and not directly on the clitoris.

Keep her on her toes

Once you know how to push her buttons, you'll be tempted to do the same routine every time. Every now and then throw in something unexpected to keep things exciting. Spontaneous is good.

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